DeclarationProject.us is a grassroots effort that urgently seeks to advance the "Declaration of American Renewal - Natural Marriage Project."

This Project is an endeavor of the Declaration Alliance and the Liberty Tree Alliance.

In years past, the "Declaration of American Renewal" has been put forward for national activism by a coalition, consisting of several dozen moral-conservative organizations. This coalition is committed to the renewal of American liberty, and seeks to inspire individual voter initiatives and legislative remedies for our present national plight of declining freedom and decency.

The "Declaration of American Renewal" articulates our nation's bedrock principles of responsible self-government and our common core articles of faith, and presents a common plan for solving the problems facing America.

The DeclarationProject.us/Defiance materials are offered as a helpful resource in defense of God-ordained and Constitutionally protected natural marriage. Our coalition's original "Declaration of American Renewal" has deep and direct roots in the principles of our nation's creed, our founding Declaration of Independence and its foundational support for our Constitution. Yet, the Declaration is rarely taught in today's schools, and many of us are only superficially acquainted with the profound philosophy of God-given liberty elaborated within it.

This site offers assistance in understanding the natural law basis of our unalienable rights, particularly of God-ordained marriage and the natural family, and our guaranteed protections of those rights bequeathed us by our Founders -- notably in our Declaration and our Constitution's neglected Ninth Amendment. Americans of faith and virtue must understand better and fight harder for our rights on this solid ground, and advance an agenda based on founding principles, if we are to honor God, remain free, and save America.

Alan Keyes' civic public policy and issues advocacy non-profit work here is committed to mobilizing Americans for initiatives of responsible self-government, defense of God-ordained natural marriage and renewal of ordered liberty. We seek to faithfully uphold the Declarationist principles of America's founding.